Vitrosorb AB is a Swedish medical device company.

Vitrosorb AB develop, produce and market immunadsorption columns aimed to eliminate the blood group barrier in organ transplantation.  Vitrosorb’s main product SECORIM©, facilitates ABO-incompatible transplantations through reducing  blood group A or B antibodies.  By eliminating the blood group barrier for organ transplantation, the number of transplantations is estimated to increase by 30 to 40 percent.

Vitrosorb AB is located in Malmö, Sweden with its own production and development facilities. The management and development team has a long experience in medical device technology.

Due to the shortage of organs the number of kidney patients waiting for transplantations increases. A kidney transplantation leads to a dramatically increase in the life quality of a patient and are for some patients the only treatment for survival. Not enough kidney transplantations are performed relative to the population needs, with ABO-incompatible transplantation more organs can be utilized and the shortage of organs can be diminished. SECORIM© greatest potential lies within living donations. Living donors allows hospitals and surgeons to plan and perform the transplantation under optimal conditions.